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MOORathon 2024

Spenden Moorathon 2024 Website Cover

This year we will start a movement with our moor protection. As part of an inclusive charity run, we will work with sponsors to raise money for moorland protection and at the same time campaign for a healthy moorland community. Whether jogging, cycling, hiking, on a skateboard or in a wheelchair: every type of exercise counts! With every distance, a piece of moor is automatically renaturalized.

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Peatlands protect our planet in many ways and thus ensure our health and an earth worth living on.

A simple formula applies to the MOORathon. Movement = moor protection. In this way, we want to reach as many people as possible who spend time outdoors in the name of the moors and thus help us to reach more people for the important protection of the moors. The more people take part in this campaign, the more we can achieve with sponsors and raise money for moorland protection in Germany.

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Over 40 types of exercise are supported as part of the MOORathon. Are you missing a sport? Let us know!

The MOORathon will take place digitally for 42 days, based on the classic marathon. During this campaign period, the kilometers covered count. Until the start, we as an organization have time to find as many sponsors as possible to reward your movement. We welcome all athletes who would like to support us with ideas, events or social outreach during the preparation period.

Literally making a difference with moorland protection: For local peatland protection, health and a strong peatland community

In addition to the digital run, there will also be a real charity run at a moor in Germany. We all want to celebrate moorland protection together, take part in sporting activities and exchange ideas as a community. Planning is already underway and we will inform you as soon as we have concrete information to share. Immediately after the campaign period, the implementation of the moor renaturation will begin. This allows us to see the success of the MOORathon with our own eyes.

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Summitree is our technology partner. With the app you can track your movement for moorland protection, share your successes and celebrate with others

The digital run is made possible with the Summitree app. Activity tracking allows you to measure your movement in a variety of ways and shows the progress of our campaign. A live feed helps us to build a community. We will use the platform to report on the status of the MOORathon, but also to share exciting moor knowledge and enable the sponsors to enter into an exchange with the community. There will also be individual challenges and even team challenges in the app. So form a MOORathon team with a creative name like “The Peatles” or “heronheroes” and compete against other teams.

The MOORathon is made possible thanks to numerous sponsors. Please contact us if you would like to take part as a company.

We have already been able to find several sponsors for the MOORathon, but we are now looking for more companies who would like to protect moors with us and at the same time support the health of their employees. We have various sponsor packages with numerous benefits:

  • Social media templates & postings
  • Moor conservation keynote digitally or on site
  • Branding our campaign digitally
  • Concrete amount of restored peatland including certificate
  • Starter kit for athletes with shirt, headband and SWAGnum
  • Digital Supporter Badge
  • In App Postings
  • Branding at the moor event
  • Exclusive team challenges
  • Branding for our Ströer Out-of-Home campaign
  • Team event with moor renaturation
We will support our MOORathon with a large-scale advertising campaign

Preparations for the MOORathon are in full swing. If you would like to participate as a sponsor, athlete, content creator, volunteer, member of the Mission to Marsh team or in any other way, please contact us.

We look forward to a successful MOORathon 2024 with you!

Take part in the 2024 MOORathon

Do you also want to make wetland protection your mission? There are numerous ways in which you can support us.
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