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Anni on a boat in the moor
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Our mission in life: Moorland protection now!

Peatlands are in danger worldwide. They are destroyed for agriculture, forestry or other economic purposes. We defend the healthy moors and work with our partnerships to restore what has already been destroyed.
Anni And Alex Portrait
“With our non-profit organization, we are committed to ensuring that moors can once again provide an earth worth living on in the future.”
Anni & Alex Kornelsen, founding team of Mission to Marsh
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Anni on a boat in the moor
Anni Demo Amore For The Moors
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Anni And Co With Algae
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Anni And Alex Moor Demo


Anni Portraet
Ann-Christin Kornelsen is the scientific heart of our mission. With her passion for the protection of moors, she is particularly active in professional circles for the preservation of wetlands.


Several scientific publications on the subject of moors.

Board member

Chairwoman of the German Society for Moor and Peat Science (DGMT).

Not a water rat

Anni prefers to stay on land and dreads canoe trips or boat tours.

Overcoming fears

For the mission, however, she paddled a canoe through a body of water with alligators.


Alex With books
Alex is an expert in innovation, new work and marketing whose passion for our mission shines through every facet of his work. With his ability to present complex ideas in a simple and engaging way, he inspires people all over the world to take an active role in preserving our natural world.

Startup founder

His start-up from his studies took him all the way to Silicon Valley.

Host, Speaker & Author

As a podcaster and author, he regularly speaks as an expert at events.

Crane fan

The crane has been Alex’s favorite animal ever since he started studying moors – no discussion.


In 2021, Alex has read 100 books, most of them on the subject of environmental protection.

Our moor knowledge

As long as peatlands are dry, they emit huge amounts ofCO2. You can find out why this is so important and how it works here.
Venner Moor


countries in the world have peatlands


of the surface area on our planet is peatland


of the moors in Germany have been destroyed


moors are being destroyed faster than forests

Our partnerships

With our non-profit organization, our lives become a mission to marsh – we work closely with renowned partners to protect marshes around the world .
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Our moor protection

Together with climate activists and environmentalists around the world, we use our scientific and marketing network to implement projects in the field of peatland protection. Become a part of our mission by donating for peatlands, participating in renaturations or booking us for excursions.



Our nonprofit mission for peatland conservation
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Successes in figures

Together with many other active people, we have already achieved great successes for moorland protection on our Mission To Marsh.


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Rethinking moors: our plan

Why are moors protected so little compared to forests? This is often due to a poor image. Many people associate bogs with bad smells, creepy myths, cunning midges, danger and, in the worst case, bog bodies. Yet moors are magical ecosystems with superpowers.
Wooden footbridge Im Moor
2022 – Q2

An idea is born

Together with our first partners Patagonia and NBank, our mission begins.
2022 – July

Foundation of the gGmbH

By founding our non-profit limited company, we are taking moorland protection into our own hands.
2022 – 2023

Bog expedition

Moorland protection as an adventure. For our mission, we have explored moors all over the world.
2024 – Q1

Documentary film

Our mission is being filmed! Get ready for Moorschutz on the big screen.
2024 – Q2

Book publication

Books have the power to change the world. Be curious about our story.

Adventure peatland protection

For our mission, we made a scientific expedition to important peatlands around the world. We invite you to immerse yourself in our world of moors.
(Click on the video to connect to YouTube.)

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