Peatland protection is our mission

Peatlands are the climate heroes of our planet. They store more CO2 than all the forests on earth put together. In Germany, however, over 95% of the bogs have been destroyed and can therefore no longer absorb carbon. We will change that!
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We believe in a future worth living. On Earth.

While Elon Musk prepares interstellar voyages to find water on the red planet, we are convinced that humanity must look for solutions on Earth.


Anni is an experienced peatland expert who founded our organization and was previously the scientific director of the European Peatland and Climate Centre (EFMK).


As Managing Director, Alex uses his years of expertise in marketing, innovation and new work to further our mission, fulfilling his dream of a more equitable world.
Anni with peat moss in her hands

Peatlands protect our climate

Want to learn more about the amazing world of bogs? We’ll tell you what impressive superpowers they have.

Water reservoir

Peatlands store water like a sponge and protect us not only from floods and high water, but also from droughts.

CO2 sink

Peatlands store up to four times moreCO2 than a forest and are therefore our best chance to slow down climate change.
Anni with peat moss in her hands


The unique habitat of peatlands provides a home for many endangered creatures such as insects, birds and amphibians.

Water filter

Peatlands act as natural water filters, removing excess nutrients and toxins, thus ensuring groundwater and clear waters.

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Adventure peatland protection

For our mission, we made a scientific expedition to important peatlands around the world. We invite you to immerse yourself in our world of moors.
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Our stories write the future

Our mission has many facets

We work to protect peatlands by creating a movement to appreciate their extraordinary wildlife and plants, and to show how valuable they are through science, education, and projects. Will you join our mission?


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