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Corporate Sponsorship

Wetland protection projects are a strong signal of a company’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. This not only strengthens the image of the company but also the loyalty of customers.
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Renaturation projects
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Public Relations
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Wetland sponsorship

With us you can take wetland protection into your own hands. Either literally with rubber boots and spades, on our expeditions or with wetland sponsorships. These are also available as gift vouchers.
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Environmental protection at home
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Certificate for your support
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Impacts the wetland and ourselves
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Your contribution counts

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As a non-profit company, we rely on donations for our work. This is also the easiest way to support our mission. Of course you will receive a receipt for your donation.


You would like to work together with us for the protection of the wetlands? We welcome volunteer support and new faces to our wetland movement. Write us a message directly here:
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