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Premium Sponsor Interzero

Interzero und Mission to Marsh

With the renowned recycling company Interzero, our mission has gained a premium sponsor. With the joint We want Moor! campaign, we are directly protecting a piece of moorland with the Recycling Alliance for every packaging license. And thus ensure that a lot of moss is used for climate protection!

Many people immediately think of trees, but the most effective CO2 reservoirs are the moors with their moist mossy areas. As in many areas, the same applies to climate protection: It needs money. Moorland and peatland is being drained, which means that less CO2 is being stored. Markus Müller-Drexel, CEO of Interzero, is particularly pleased about the cooperation:

Peatland protection is also an important issue in Germany’s national climate protection program. With Mission to Marsh and the “We want Moor!” project, we are committed to this.

Markus Müller-Drexel, CEO of Interzero
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We therefore have a strong partner for our mission and can achieve valuable goals together:

Carbon reservoirs: Peatlands are the largest and most space-efficient carbon reservoirs on earth and play an important role in the fight against climate change. Peatlands store twice as much carbon in their peat as is contained in the world’s forests.

Biodiversity: Moors and peatlands provide a unique habitat for numerous plants and animals, including many endangered species.

Natural water conservation: As natural water reservoirs, peatlands play a crucial role in regulating the water balance and mitigating flood disasters.

Flood defense: The ability of peatlands to collect and slowly release water contributes significantly to the containment of floods.

Cultural heritage: Peatlands characterize the appearance of many landscapes and are closely interwoven with regional cultural history. Wetland ecosystems are of inestimable value to the environment and society. Their protection and regeneration are key to preserving these irreplaceable functions for future generations.

Specifically, we are working on the renaturation of the Venner Moor in the Osnabrücker Land region and are ensuring that the unique nature reserve is looked after and the degraded peatland is restored bit by bit.

We will soon be reporting on the first restoration successes.

We Want Moor!

You can find out more about the joint cooperation on the official Interzero website.
Interzero Website

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