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Renaturiertes Moor

The mysterious formation of the wetlands

Imagine a world where time seems to stand still – these are the peatlands. They are formed in a process lasting thousands of years, in which plants slowly turn into peat in water-saturated, low-oxygen conditions. The secret of the peatlands is hidden in this quiet, damp environment: a living archive of our earth, a hidden world full of life and old stories.

Why peatlands deserve our hearts and our protection

A refuge for life: peatlands are a magical home for rare plants and animals. Every drop, every leaf hides a small miracle of nature.

The guardians of the climate: Imagine peatlands as our allies in the fight against climate change. They store more carbon than all the world’s forests combined, making them powerful guardians of our planet.

Life-giving water: Like natural sponges, peatlands regulate the flow of water and protect us from flooding. They preserve the precious water when the earth is thirsty. They can even filter the water and thus protect our groundwater from toxins and sediments.

Mission To Marsh 061

The story of the peatlands is not only one of beauty and wonder, but also one of loss. In the past, peatlands were often seen as unusable land, mysterious, even dangerous places to be conquered. In order to create space for farmland, settlements and industrial use, they were systematically drained and destroyed.

The challenge: Why peatlands once disappeared and are still under threat today

Even today, in a time of growing environmental awareness, peatlands are still threatened for agricultural purposes and for the extraction of peat used in horticulture and as fuel. This process not only irreversibly changes the unique ecosystems, but also releases huge amounts of carbon that have been safely bound in the depths of the moors for centuries.

There is an irony in this historical development: what was once considered useless wilderness is now proving to be irreplaceable for our efforts to protect the climate and conserve species. It is a race against time to restore and preserve these valuable landscapes.

Destroyed peatland for agriculture

Our mission: to save the wetlands

Reviving the miracle: We are breathing new life into the peatlands through renaturation. We are bringing back the water and allowing the peatlands to grow again so that they can fulfill their magical and vital functions.

Creating protected areas: We are committed to ensuring that peatlands are recognized and protected as natural wonders. Every peatland is a treasure that needs to be preserved.

Together for the wetlands: The future of peatlands is in our hands. Through education and community involvement, we inspire love and respect for these fascinating ecosystems.

Research and knowledge: With every research project, we uncover a little more of the secret of the peatlands and find ways to protect them better.

Let’s preserve the peatlands together – for our planet, our climate and future generations. Every peatland that we save is a victory for nature and for us all.

Anni explains

Let’s use the #moormentum

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