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Bog pine as a Christmas tree

Moorkiefer als Weihnachtsbaum

Christmas trees are a tradition that is firmly associated with the festive season. However, awareness of environmental issues and sustainability has increased in recent years. In this context, there is a fascinating alternative to the traditional Christmas tree: the pine from the peatland. Why could this unusual choice enrich your Christmas celebrations as a festive centerpiece?


Compared to conventionally grown Christmas trees, using a pine tree from the peatland offers an environmentally friendly option. These trees only grow in the peatland when it is too dry and even dry out the wetland because they evaporate a lot of water. So why not simply use a bog pine as a Christmas tree?


NABU Osnabrück has been offering this for years. So we decided without further ado to drive to the peatland together with Frank Kurrat, the managing director of our premium sponsor Interseroh+, and help load the tractor. Dozens of trees were transported to Osnabrück and distributed there in return for donations.


While we didn’t get cold during the hard work despite the sub-zero temperatures, we were also able to enjoy the winter in the peatland with fluffy snowflakes and share our knowledge about wetlands with a few people. The small peatland lakes slowly freeze over and form a beautiful panorama with the snow. An amazingly changeable and beautiful nature!

Choosing a Christmas tree from the peatland may seem unusual, but it can be a fulfilling and meaningful choice that enhances your celebrations while emphasizing the importance of nature conservation.

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