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Team building and environmental protection

Venner Moor Baum

On a chilly morning, our team gathered at the edge of a vast peatland, ready to immerse themselves in a world that is both enigmatic and fascinating. The morning mist lent the landscape an almost mystical atmosphere as we eagerly awaited the day ahead.

As always, we begin with an introduction by Ann Christin Kornelsen, our renowned expert in peatland protection, who takes us into the mysterious world of the wetlands. She talks about ancient plants from which the peatland has developed over thousands of years and about endangered animal species that have become rare in these swampy depths. Her stories are so lively that we almost forget that we actually have a day full of work ahead of us.

With sturdy boots and curious hearts, we set off to explore the peatland. The path is uneven and challenging, but that’s exactly what makes the excursion all the more exciting; for once we are allowed to walk on the wobbly surfaces away from the boardwalks. We balance over gnarled roots and jump over muddy puddles, while the peatland seems to come alive around us. Every step reveals a new surprise: from carnivorous plants waiting patiently for their next meal to shy birds nesting in the reeds.

In the midst of the challenge and excitement, we find time for the renaturation of the peatland. We remove small trees and fresh shrubs, as these could slow down or even prevent the restoration of the peatland. Under guidance, we skillfully use small hand saws and carry the remains out of the peatland with gloves. We all feel that we are not only positively changing the peatland, but also ourselves. It is a powerful lesson in humility and respect for nature and how easily it can fall out of balance.

We exchange ideas over a snack with coffee and tea. Almost every one of us has a scary story in mind when it comes to wetlands. It’s great to learn more about this ecosystem and protect it at the same time. Our hearts are filled with the beauty and magic of the peatland, and our hands bear the marks of a hard but rewarding day’s work.

We leave the peatland with a deep appreciation for this unique landscape and a renewed sense of team spirit. By immersing ourselves in the magical world of the peatlands, we not only learned about the importance of environmental protection but also experienced how the challenges of nature can bring us closer together.

This day in the peatland was more than just a team event. It was a journey into a mysterious world, a challenge to our abilities and a chance to do something good for our planet. It was a day that we will remember for a long time.

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