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Everyone should have the chance to be an effective part of the solution to the climate crisis. With Mission to Marsh, we want to give you a way out of powerlessness so that a social fabric is created: Together we can do it!
Moor sponsorships

Moor sponsorships

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Moor sponsorships are a direct contribution to moor conservation
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You protect a clearly defined moor area of your choice


You will receive a certificate as a thank you for your valuable moor protection
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How exactly is a moor restored?

Many moors have been drained over decades. Therefore, a central element of renaturation is to close or divert these drainage channels in order to restore the original water level. At the same time, so-called decussulation takes place.

This involves the removal of trees and shrubs that have spread across the drained areas. This creates space for the original bog plants, which are then selectively reintroduced.

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Drainage channels
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How will my sponsorship contribution be used?

As a Moor Pat:in, you make a decisive contribution to saving and protecting valuable moorland landscapes. This commitment enables us to support renaturation projects directly on site. This means that degraded moors are restored and returned to their natural state.

Our scientific expertise helps us to develop and implement the most effective protective measures. Your support also helps to inform the general public about the importance of peatlands.

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Renaturation projects
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Public Relations
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How can I track the progress of my sponsorship?

Transparency is very important to us. That’s why we want our patrons to know exactly how your contributions are used and what difference they make. For this reason, you will receive regular reports from us on the progress of the moorland projects we support.

We also invite you to special events or guided tours. Here you have the opportunity to experience the projects up close and get an idea of the work on site.

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Regular updates

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Tell us how many square meters of moorland you want to protect, choose the right payment method and you can become a sponsor.
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get to know us better?

If you would like to find out more about Moore for the time being, please take a look at our campaigns. We regularly organize renaturation campaigns or moor tours.

Moor renaturation

Pack your wellies and come with us to the moor. Together, we are literally taking climate and environmental protection into our own hands.
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Moor tours

Experience the magic of the moors with us. Guided tours with bog experts that make the wonderful bog ecosystem more tangible than ever before.
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Peatlands protect our climate

Want to learn more about the amazing world of bogs? We’ll tell you what impressive superpowers they have.

Water reservoir

Peatlands store water like a sponge and protect us not only from floods and high water, but also from droughts.

CO2 sink

Peatlands store up to four times moreCO2 than a forest and are therefore our best chance to slow down climate change.
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The unique habitat of peatlands provides a home for many endangered creatures such as insects, birds and amphibians.

Water filter

Peatlands act as natural water filters, removing excess nutrients and toxins, thus ensuring groundwater and clear waters.

What would you like to do for our moors?

If you simply want to find out more about Moore for now, take a look at our campaigns. We regularly organize renaturation campaigns or moor tours.